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Check out the Lisbon's January agenda!


Written by Derika Neira – 01/13/2022

We LOVE to bring you the highlights in Lisbon, from exhibitions to events starting in January!

Iconic Bryan Adams in Altice Arena

The Canadian singer Bryan Adams returns to the road with the tour – So Happy It Hurts, which promotes the new album of the same name. 

The Canadian singer Bryan Adams returns to the road with the tour – So Happy It Hurts, which promotes the new album of the same name. “The pandemic and confinement have brought to light that in reality spontaneity can be taken away from us. Suddenly, the tours stopped, no one could just get in the car and go!” says Bryan Adams. “The title of the song “So Happy It Hurts” is about freedom, autonomy, spontaneity, and the enthusiasm of the open path. 

He really is an artist who needs no introduction.


Parque das Nações, 1990-231, Lisboa
Metro 25 min.
Car 20 min.

Magical Garden Alice

The first OCUBO Magical Garden Alice invites you to enter her world, embarking on a magical journey while reliving the most fun and hallucinating times she has ever experienced.

From @magicalgarden.official

It’s a sensational adventure, inspired by the two books by Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, where you tread between imagination and reality along a whole 1km of immersive experiences, making the visitors spectators and part of the story itself.

These 24 luminous experiences are inspired on the two books of Alice’s adventures, presented as giant light sculptures, light design, interactive  and multimedia installations, as an, augmented reality app.

Will you enter Alice’s world?


Largo dos Jerónimos, 1400-209 Lisboa



15E, 714

15-minute by car


Monday to Thursday, Sunday: 2pm to 10pm

Friday and Saturday: 2pm to 11pm

Happy Week at Lisbon Oceanarium

The opportunity to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium for a very special price with the new Happy Week campaign, until the 31st of January on weekdays, tickets cost just €13 for all ages.  

From @Oceanario.de.Lisboa


Online Exclusive.



Oceanário de Lisboa, 1990-005 Lisboa

DIA Exhibition: an Unique multisensorial journey


DIA by Carsten Höller – brings together a vast series of works that produce light and darkness. Sculptures with lamps, projections and architectural elements, covering a period from 1987, when Höller was still working as a scientist, to the present day.


Photo by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

About twenty pieces, many of them specially recreated for the exhibition, stripped of any supporting structure, without resorting to any pre-existing lighting system, the space is only illuminated by the works themselves, leading the public through multisensory experiences of altered perception. 

MAAT – Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
Wednesday to Monday, from 11am to 7pm
Av. Brasília | train: Cascais Line, Belém station | buses: 728, 714, 727, 729, 751 | tram: 15
Tickets: general, 5 euros; students and seniors, 3 euros.


Winter Dream at St. George's Castle

Castelo de São Jorge (St George’s Castle) will be filled with light in all its corners. To visit the monument at this time of the year is even more wonderful now.

Photo by Rui Gaudencio

Under the January moonlight, and for one month, we will be able to see João Botelho’s light installation.

“Winter Dream”, light, sound and image will bring a new life to the Romantic Garden, the Ogival Room, to the first and second Main Squares, to the Courtyard and to the Castle Ovens.


Castelo de S. Jorge, 1100-129 Lisboa



18 January to 18 February

7pm to 9pm
Tickets: 5€


10-minute walk from WLFT 

KINO German Expression Film Festival


KINO’s 19th edition promises to look at the future and the cinema from a female point of view.

Every year, KINO – German Expression Film Festival presents productions from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg that have stood out in major international festivals, as well as works by young and promising directors from these countries.


This time, the thematic focus will be on ideas about the future and on women’s narratives, and attention will continue to be given to young female and male directors, who will be nominated for the Audience Award (this is the case for 11 of the 15 films included in the program).



Cinema São Jorge, Av. da Liberdade, 175

Tickets: 4 euros, general, 3,50 euros



From 27th January to 2nd February


Metro Avenida

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