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The Best Hostel Experience in Lisbon


Why Lisbon?

Silly question!

In Portugal no one ever wonders why the sky is blue...
The city where the sun shines and if you spend much time thinking, you might miss a great beach day. Get lost in time visiting the labyrinthic streets of the old-town, fall in love with our delicious food and forget the inumerous travel awards or the countless newspaper articles. Lisbon is amazing with or without our opinion, but there's just a tiny difference: WE MAKE IT A LOT BETTER FOR YOU!

Where to


If you are visiting Lisbon, you need to stay in the city center. You don't agree? Not very bright, are you?
Ranked as one of the world's best hostels, we are right in the middle of the main-squares, walking distance to 90% of the touristic attractions and only 10min walking from the nightlife.

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Check our cafe



Brunch at Frutaria Cafe

While staying with us, you get 2 in 1. Our hostel also owns one of the trendiest coffee-shops in town. Full-on Brunch menu, but also many vegan and vegetarian options. Tasty...


Sintra Day Tour

Every morning at 9.30am, we take you on a magical day-trip. Book your seat to join a full day of fun, through Sintra, Cabo da Roca and Cascais. Never heard of the Pena National Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Queijadas de Sintra? Be part of a fairy-tale...


Pub-Crawl Night

Are you ready? We offer unlimited wine and beer to all of our guests. This is the best time to get to know other travelers while getting prepared for the fun. A stroll around the vibrant district of Bairro Alto and later show you the clubbing scene of the Pink-Street. F stands for Fun...


Petiscos Tapas Dinner

It's called Petiscos and this is possibly one of the best dinner experiences you will have in Lisbon. Everyone gets around the dining-table for delicious portuguese food and a selection of red wine. After dinner, we make sure you enjoy a beautiful live music concert of Fado. F stands for Food!