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We have a business plan and part of our strategy to be rich is making you believe this city is amazing. Are we serious? 

NO! Didn’t your family teach you: “money isn’t everything ? Life is to be lived with a smile and no better place to do that than Lisbon.



Hundreds of years ago Portugal was the center of a trade empire. It was the start of what we call today, globalisation. Lisbon, a city that once navigated unknown waters to discover new lands and is now open to be discovered by travellers from all around the world.
Year after year Lisbon is elected as Best City Break in the World (World Travel Awards) and it’s easy to understand why it is on the top of the list for anyone travelling Europe. The outstanding weather, the countless beaches, the delicious food, the vast history of Portugal or maybe the portuguese friendliness?

It’s all of it ! And it’s also a fairly cheap city, so no need to be rich anyway – as your wise family used to say.

The first time should be one you will never forget, but also one of many to come. Take a look at what’s around our Lisbon Hostel.

F is for Friendly


Petiscos Tapas Dinner

It's called Petiscos and this is possibly one of the best dinner experiences you will have in Lisbon. Everyone gets around the dining-table for delicious portuguese food and a selection of red wine. After dinner, we make sure you enjoy a beautiful live music concert of Fado. F stands for Food!


Brunch at Frutaria Cafe

While staying with us, you get 2 in 1. Our hostel also owns one of the trendiest coffee-shops in town. Full-on Brunch menu, but also many vegan and vegetarian options. Tasty...


Sintra Day Tour

Every morning at 9.30am, we take you on a magical day-trip. Book your seat to join a full day of fun, through Sintra, Cabo da Roca and Cascais. Never heard of the Pena National Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Queijadas de Sintra? Be part of a fairy-tale...


Pub-Crawl Night

Are you ready? We offer unlimited wine and beer to all of our guests. This is the best time to get to know other travelers while getting prepared for the fun. A stroll around the vibrant district of Bairro Alto and later show you the clubbing scene of the Pink-Street. F stands for Fun...



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